Reasons to Insist on Courtroom Experience While Hiring Law Firms in Philadelphia

All hell breaks loose when you or one of your loved ones has been charged with a criminal offence. Apart from the impending arrest, you would face huge condemnation in the community and loss of reputation. If proven guilty you would need to serve prison sentence, pay fine and also have to undergo court-mandated counseling and other penalties. To protect your rights and honor you need the help a good criminal attorney. And when you are searching for a criminal lawyer Philadelphia you must always insist on one who has courtroom experience or what is often termed as a trial lawyer. Here are few reasons to do so.

Criminal Law

# You Always Need To Be In Trial Mode
When you go for your initial consultation to law firms in Philadelphia many would show you statistics that majority of the cases never reach a courtroom trial are settled in the pre-trial stage. While this is true you always need to always be in a trial mode and think that your case would reach the courtroom. It isn’t feasible to look for a trial lawyer when your case reaches the courtroom.

# Trials Can Be Intimidating
Courtroom battles put the attorneys expertise, confidence and skills to ultimate test. If the attorney you have chosen doesn’t have trial experience there are chances that he/she would mess up your case when the prosecution puts up strong arguments. A seasoned attorney would be able to deal with all surprises and evidences that the prosecution throws up.

# You Can’t Risk Your Freedom and Future
If your case has reached the courtroom and your lawyer doesn’t have sufficient experience you are risking your freedom and future. Cases are decided on the merits of the arguments that are put in front of the jury along with the evidence. A trial attorney would aggressively represent you and discredit all the evidences that have been gathered by the law enforcement agencies and put up by the prosecution.


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